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Frequent Asked Questions

About Dressing Kimono

Do I have to bring anything?
Just bring yourself! We prepare everything.
Tabi is also included in our rental plan.
Is it possible to change a plan on the day?
You CAN change your plan on the day. You can choose kimono after you arrive our shop.
(If you want to change make up plan, photo shooting plan or reservation time please contact us beforehand!)
How long does it take for dressing kimono and hair styling?
Basically, the time required is about 40~60min. It depends on how many people and which plan you choose. If you have any questions, ask us at any time! Please notice that it might take a while more during spring and autumn because of Hanami and autumn leaves. So it’s better to give yourself a little extra time when you come our shop.
Do you have large size?
We have both tall and wide size(¥5,000〜).
If you have any questions about size or design of Kimono, please feel free to contact us !
I am pregnant. Dou you have kimono for me?
I'm sorry. We don't have kimono for pregnant women.

About Hair Styling

Could you do my hair set except booking advance?
It's available to order hair set after you wear kimono. Feel free to ask us at our shop!
How many patterns of hair style do you have?
We provide 24 patterns of hair style which are chosen by professional stylists(¥1,500〜).
Please feel free to order which you like.
Do you provide any hair accessories?
We have a lot of hair accessories such as "Kanzashi" (Japanese traditional hair ornament) and flowers(¥300〜).
We also prepare our original hair ornament if you like.
Do you have hair set for men?
I'm sorry, we ONRY have hair styling plan for WOMEN.

About Baggage checking

Can you keep our baggage at the shop?
We prepare one bag per person and you can leave your belongings at our shop when you go out(excluding valuables). You can also leave suit case and extra baggage(¥500 for each).
How to return kimono?
We have 3 methods for returning kimono.

1. same day return
Please return to the shop no later than 18:30.
If you are not able to return kimono by 18:30, you have to pay extra fee(5,000 yen).
And also, we cannot give your baggage by next business day before 9:00(Opening time).

2. next day return
You can bring back your belongings with laggage bag which we prepared.
No later than 12:00 on the next day.
We will able to keep your belongings except valuables.
If it is returned later than a quarter past 12:00, we will charge 1,000yen as a late charge.
Security deposit(5,000yen) is required per person a day, we will return them when you return.
We will charge you for lost or damaged items for our rules.

3. Return at your hotel
We deliver your belongings to the hotel where you stay by 20:00 on the rental day.
You can leave rental kimonos(put them into your bag we prepared) at the front desk of your hotel by 12:00 on the next day.
1~4 people/2,000yen per person
More than 5 people/1,000yen per person
We will charge you for lost or damaged items for our rules.

About payment

How do I pay?
You can pay with cash or credit card.(VISA / Master Card / AMERICAN EXPRESS)

About cancelation

Is it possible to cancel my reservation?
If you prefer to change reservation, it would be helpful to contact us as soon as possible!
Cancellation one day before of your reservation(By 12:00): you need to send e-mail or online reservation form on our HP. In case you cannot cancel by 12:00, Please call us!!!
Cancellation fee
《 Reservation for up to 7 people 》
One day before the reservation date(by 19:00) : free
The reservation date: cancellation fee 30%
Cancel without notice: cancellation 100%

《 Reservation for more than 8 people 》
5 days before or earlier : free
Between 4 days and one day before of your reservation(by 19:00): cancellation fee 30%
One day before of your reservation(by 19:00)〜the reservation date: cancellation fee 100%


About sell and buy kimono
We sell kimono and small accessories.
If you interested in, please ask some details from our staff.
How about if it we have rain?
We provide umbrellas at our shop(¥300).
However, we don't have parasols and "Wagasa" (Japanese umbrellas).