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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about kimono changing

Are there anything I need to bring with me?
No, there are no specific items you need to bring.
We provide everything you need for your kimono experience.
There are no additional charges and thus no worries for small items like socking.
Can I change my plan when I arrive?
Yes, of course you can change your plans. Please take you time to see our kimono and pick the one you love the most. (Kindly contact us in advance for changes in makeup, photo shooting, and about time.)
About the duration
It takes around 40-60 minutes from the time your arrived and you are ready to go.
Kindly understand that the time may change according to your plan and the number of people in your group. We are glad to provide you more information in advance so please do not hesitate to contact us.
Also, we expect a longer waiting time at our shop in peak seasons like the flower season in spring and autumn leaves season. Please arrive early for a smoother progress.
Are there any big size kimono?
We have extra tall and extra wide. (JPY 5,000 up)
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions and concerns about the pattern and size.
Is the service good for pregnant?
Our apologies, we do not provide kimono service for pregnant.

About the hair service

Can I add the hair service when I arrive?
You can place your order after changing to kimono.
Please feel free to notify our staff.
About the details of the hair service
You can pick your favorite among the 24 patterns designed by our stylists (JPY 1,500 up)
We are pleased to provide you consultation according to the length of your hair and the kimono you have chosen. Please do not hesitate to ask questions.
Are there any hair accessories?
We provide a huge number of accessories including flowery ones and hairpins.
There are also many original, exclusive ones from our shop. Please take your time and select the ones you love.
About hair service for men
Hair service is only for ladies.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

About the storage and return of belonging

Can your shop store my belonging?
Yes, we provide an exclusive bag for each of our customer for storage. We have large bags for clothes, shoes, and bags so please don’t worry.
Please do not leave any expensive belonging at our store. We are not obliged to any loss and thief. Your understanding is appreciated.
About kimono return
There are three ways to return kimono

1.Same day return
Same day return ends at 6:30 pm. Please return the kimono to our shop before 6:30 pm on the same day.
If you are do not return the kimono on the same day before the ending time, an additional fee for next day return will be charged, which is JPY 5,000.
Also be mindful that we are not able to return your belongings until 9:00 am on the next day when we open. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

2. Next day return
To return kimono on the next day, please put it into our bag for return at our shop.
Please return all rental items in our bag and return to our shop before 12:00 noon the next day.
Next day return plan JPY 1,000
Deposit JPY 5,000 (to be refunded upon kimono return.)
Additional charge (JPY 1,000) for late return (15-min after 12:00 noon the next day).
Also, kindly understand that we charge for loss and damages according to our shop regulations.

3. Hotel delivery service
当We are pleased to deliver your belonging to the reception of your hotel before 8:00 pm of the same day.
Please put your kimono in the bag we provide and return at the reception desk of your hotel before 12:00 noon.
Hotel return 1-4 persons/ JPY 1,500 per head, 5 persons or above/ JPY 1,000 per head
Kindly understand that we charge for loss and damages according to our shop regulations.

About payment

About payment method
We accept cash, credit card, and PayPay.
Appliable credit cards
Visa/ MasterCard/ American Express

About cancellation

Is it possible to cancel my booking?
Please contact us for any changes and cancelation. Your cooperation is appreciated.
Changes/cancellation BEFORE 12:00 noon of the previous day: through email or reservation form.
Changes/cancellation AFTER 12:00 noon of the previous day: kindly call us.

(*) We do not charge cancellation fee.


About sales of kimono
We are pleased to sell you the kimono or accessories you like.
Please do not hesitate to notify our staff for details.
Concerns about weather.
Umbrella are available at our shop at JPY 300.
We have sunlight umbrellas and Japanese umbrellas as well. Please do not hesitate to notify our staff.